Hans Wittrup

CEO and founder of Medpro Clinic Group

Hans Wittrup is CEO and chairman of the board of the healthcare company Medpro Clinic Group which has its headquarter in the Swedish city Vänersborg.

Hans Wittrup has a medical degree which he earned in 1992 and during his career within the health sector he has held positions at both Herlev Hospital and Rigshospitalet. In 1998, when Hans Wittrup worked as a clinician at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Herlev Hospital he founded Medpro. At that time, Medpro was a recruitment company that helped recruit doctors to temporary and permanent positions throughout Scandinavia as well as England. Medpro proved to be a succes and the company gave Hans Wittrup the desire and courage to dedicate his life to being a full time entrepreneur.

Throughout the years Medpro developed into the company it is today and in 2007, almost 10 years after the founding, Medpro Clinic Group completed the acquisition of its first physical medical clinic in the Swedish city Trollhättan.

Today, Hans Wittrup is the CEO at Medpro Clinic Group. By 2020, the company has six medical clinics throughout Sweden and they are responsible for the treatment and service to mere than 47.000 patients. This includes six rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics as well as a cardiology and specialist clinic.

Medpro Clinic Group has total turnover of SEK 300 milions and they employ around 250 people.

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